Combining Housing and Energy Tax Credits

March 31, 2008    

Combining tax credits from the low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program with energy tax credits (which are most associated with solar panels) raises a variety of issues for developers of housing projects. With the help of Forrest Milder, an attorney at Nixon Peabody and an expert on tax...

Reduce Damages Arising from Staff's Discriminatory Conduct

March 1, 2008    

In 2007, HUD's Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO), the division devoted to anti-discrimination and Fair Housing concerns, investigated approximately 10,300 cases involving claims of discrimination, according to Kim Kendrick, assistant secretary for FHEO. Based on a pattern...

Dealing with NIMBYism in Multifamily Project Development

February 1, 2008    

One obstacle to building or acquiring sites for affordable multifamily housing is the notion of “not in my back yard” (NIMBYism). Although it is a difficult problem, developers and prospective site owners can get local support for buildings they want to construct. With the help of...

Set Rules on Employee Use of Internet, Email

February 1, 2008    

This month, the manager of an affordable housing site in Texas reported how—as many managers have done—she had brought Internet access into the management office to help run the site and communicate with HUD, prospects, applicants, and residents. She expected site employees to spend...

Federal Law Preempts Local Laws Derailing Eviction

January 1, 2008    


In August, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that federal law trumps, or preempts, the “innocent tenant defense” that residents facing eviction often raise, which typically is based on local law.

Choosing the Right Software for Your Site

January 1, 2008    

Many tax credit managers use computer software programs to help them manage their tax credit sites. A good software program should save time and money by making it easier to keep your site in compliance with tax credit rules and perform many other management functions.

Nonprofits May Buy Affordable Housing Through Land Trusts

July 31, 2007    

New York's Westchester County is beginning an experiment to keep affordable housing affordable. A land trust designed to preserve affordable housing, including tax credit sites, in perpetuity, is being devised in Westchester, says Rosemary Noonan, Executive Director of the Housing Action...