Ask 10 Questions Before Choosing a Mold Remediation Contractor

September 29, 2023    

Hiring the wrong remediator can make the problem worse—and more costly.



Take 7 Steps When Bidding Out Landscape Maintenance

June 28, 2023    

It's no surprise that many sites spend a big portion of their operating budgets on professional landscape services. And it’s a major expense that managers can substantially impact to reduce a site’s operating costs. Here are seven steps you should take when bidding out...

How to Avoid Mold-Related Injuries, Noncompliance Findings

November 30, 2022    

Mold at your site can cause you big problems. The problems can range from remediation costs to loss of rent, and, perhaps most critically, long-term health effects. Mold-related health effects cause households to sue owners and managers claiming that they were injured by the presence of mold in...

4 Tips for Avoiding the High Cost of Emergency Repairs

July 28, 2022    

You can keep emergency repair costs to a minimum by reducing the number of these repairs your site needs, and by planning ahead to keep their costs and the damage they cause under control. Here are four tips that will help you avoid having to make emergency repairs and control the costs of those...

Take 7 Steps to Reduce Loitering at Your Tax Credit Site

June 20, 2022    

Nonresident loitering is a safety issue and a common complaint of tax credit managers—especially those in urban areas. Loiterers, who can range from skateboarding teenagers to homeless people to criminals to ex-spouses involved in domestic disputes, can create lots of problems for managers...

Keep Log of Door and Lock Repairs to Boost Safety, Reduce Liability

February 25, 2022    

If a staff member or resident reports that a door or lock at a building or unit entrance is broken, you may think you can wait until morning or even a few days to repair this condition. But that would be a mistake. Any delay leaves residents at risk and increases the likelihood of your being...

Perform Cost Analysis to Cut Maintenance Expenses

November 24, 2020    

If your site needs non-routine maintenance and repair work, you must decide between either using your own staff or hiring outside contractors. Some managers think that it’s always cheaper to use their site staff, but that’s not necessarily so. There are costs associated with using...

Follow 5 Safety Tips When Using Backup Generators After a Disaster

September 30, 2020    

Extreme weather frequently knocks over electrical lines. Such power outages are common during disasters, and they can last for several days. With this year’s record-breaking hurricane season along with record wildfires on the West Coast, it may be a good idea to review basic safety...

Six Strategies to Boost Building Resilience to Extreme Weather

May 13, 2020    

While the country is still dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlantic hurricane season will be here soon. Hurricane season begins on June 1, just as many South and East Coast states are set to enter a delicate re-opening process. Hurricane season brings extreme events and...

Five Tips for Writing Effective Emergency/Disaster Plan

September 25, 2019    

National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning now and throughout the year. Preparing for natural disasters can greatly reduce the risks to health and the environment. Hurricanes or floods can contaminate drinking water...

Prepare for Winter with Fall 'To Do' List

October 30, 2018    

Each season of the year presents a different set of maintenance challenges for apartment building management. Winter represents the harshest season of wear and tear on your building. Some fall maintenance tasks are obvious—such as closing the swimming pool and draining the in-ground...

Keep Detailed Maintenance Records to Defend Against Mold Lawsuits

May 24, 2018    

A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of 400,000 residents against the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the nation’s largest public housing authority, asked the judge to appoint an independent monitor to oversee operations because the agency failed to provide tenants with heat and hot...