Feature Articles

Feature Articles

How to Verify, Determine Income from Real Estate Investments

September 29, 2023    

We’ll explain how to treat real estate when calculating a household’s income and assets.



The regulations for the tax credit program require site owners to use the rules found in HUD Handbook 4350.3 to calculate the annual income of applicants and...

Ask 10 Questions Before Choosing a Mold Remediation Contractor

September 29, 2023    

Hiring the wrong remediator can make the problem worse—and more costly.



HUD Charges Owner with Disability Discrimination

September 29, 2023    

The case shows how mishandling situations involving assistance animals could cost you.


HUD recently charged an owner with violating the Fair Housing Act by refusing a resident’s request for a disability-related reasonable accommodation to keep an assistance animal...

How to Handle Inconsistencies that Turn Up During Recertification

August 31, 2023    

An income discrepancy could trigger the NAU rule and jeopardize your site’s tax credits.



HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Scoring, Administrative Procedures Notices

July 28, 2023    

We highlight the noteworthy changes and clarifications in both notices.


HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Inspection Standards

June 28, 2023    

Notice marks first comprehensive overhaul of inspection standards in 20 years.


Get Extended Use Restriction Agreement Signed and Recorded

June 28, 2023    

If you don’t, the IRS may cite you for noncompliance, and the owner may lose its tax credits.


Take 7 Steps When Bidding Out Landscape Maintenance

June 28, 2023    

It's no surprise that many sites spend a big portion of their operating budgets on professional landscape services. And it’s a major expense that managers can substantially impact to reduce a site’s operating costs. Here are seven steps you should take when bidding out...

Use Questionnaire to Avoid Misunderstandings About Household Income

May 25, 2023    

When you certify or recertify households for tax credit housing, IRS rules require you to estimate how much income household members expect to receive in the next 12 months. Without this information, you can’t certify or recertify the household’s eligibility.

HUD Issues 2023 Income Limits for Tax Credit Programs

May 25, 2023    

This year’s limits must be implemented no later than June 29, 2023.


HUD Aligns Inspection Regulations, Publishes NSPIRE Final Rule

May 25, 2023    

After seven years of working towards consolidating, updating, and improving the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) to implement a single inspection protocol for HUD-assisted units, HUD recently published the final rule for the Physical Inspection...

Perform 8 Compliance Checks on Available Units Before Offering a Lease

April 27, 2023    

Before you rent any unit at your tax credit site to a new household, it’s important to confirm that the rental will comply with the tax credit law. If your rental of a unit won’t comply, the owner’s credits for that unit may be at risk. And if the unit is one you must count to...