Feature Articles

Feature Articles

3 Household Changes to Watch for at Annual Recertifications

September 30, 2021    

If you manage a mixed-income site, you’re probably gearing up to kickstart annual recertifications as a result of the expiration of IRS Notice 2021-12. This notice temporarily postponed the income recertification requirement for owners until Sept. 30.

How to Prepare for the Expiration of Temporary COVID-19 Compliance Relief

August 31, 2021    

Pre-pandemic rules go back into effect Oct. 1.


In January, the IRS issued Notice 2021-12, which temporarily postponed a number of compliance deadlines for LIHTC sites. The extension deadline is coming up and owners and managers need to be mindful of how this will affect...

How the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act Compares with the LIHTC Program

July 29, 2021    

Earlier this year, President Biden made headlines as he introduced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, titled “The American Jobs Plan,” to rebuild America’s infrastructure and revitalize the economy. With the federal moratorium on housing eviction ending in July, the majorities...

4 Tips to Avoid Penalties for "Commingling" Residents' Security Deposits

July 29, 2021    

While collecting security deposits can provide financial protection to site owners from residents who cause property damage, security deposits can also become a liability to them if they aren’t handled properly. Owners must be careful about where they keep the money residents give them as...

Q&A on Handling Disability Insurance Payments

June 24, 2021    

COVID-related illness has forced many people to tap short- or long-term disability insurance.


How to Avoid Discrimination Claims from LEP Individuals

June 24, 2021    

National origin discrimination often involves individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP).


The tax credit rules make clear that if any units at your site aren’t “for use by the general public,” those units aren’t eligible for tax credits. To...

How to Resolve Conflicts Between Tax Credit and HOME Program Requirements

May 27, 2021    

In April, the Biden administration submitted to Congress the president’s priorities for fiscal year 2022 discretionary spending. The request reveals the administration’s priorities with regard to affordable housing. Along with seeking a significant expansion of rental assistance, the...

Don't Count Unemployment Benefits and Child Tax Credit as Income

May 27, 2021    

HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs recently issued guidance regarding the treatment of unemployment benefits under the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act and the monthly child tax credit under the American Rescue Plan of 2021 (ARPA).

Legislative Momentum Builds for LIHTC Program Improvements

April 28, 2021    

Lawmakers recently reintroduced the latest reiteration of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA) in the House and Senate with bipartisan support. The Senate and House versions of the AHCIA are identical companion bills. The AHCIA was first introduced in 2016, and its most recent...

HUD Issues 2021 Income Limits for Tax Credit Programs

April 28, 2021    

On April 1, HUD released the 2021 income limits for the Multifamily Tax Subsidy Projects (MTSP) housing programs. MTSPs, a term coined by HUD, are all Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and multifamily projects funded by tax-exempt bonds under...

How to Avoid Fair Housing Trouble When Residents Use Wheelchairs

March 26, 2021    

We’ll answer seven FAQs to help you steer clear of discrimination claims.


When dealing with prospects and residents who use wheelchairs, it’s important to avoid violating the Fair Housing Act (FHA), which bans discrimination against people on the basis of...

IRS Helps First-Year Owners Avoid the Two-Thirds Rule

March 26, 2021    

In January, the IRS issued Notice 2021-12 granting relief for various LIHTC requirements. Among the relief provided, the notice extended the deadline for a LIHTC site to meet its first-year occupancy obligations from Dec. 31, 2020, to June 31, 2021, for sites operating on a calendar-year basis....