Dealing with Employees

Avoid Insurance Coverage Disputes with Incident Reporting Procedure

December 22, 2015    

Suppose a resident’s unit is burglarized or a site visitor falls when a stairway handrail becomes loose or something happens at your site which causes property loss or bodily injury. Are you certain your employees let you know about certain incidents like these as soon as they happen? If...

Making Sure Maintenance Workers Don’t Trigger Fair Housing Claims

September 28, 2012    

Some of the most important, and often overlooked, sources of fair housing complaints arise from maintenance operations. Site owners and managers may face allegations of discriminatory maintenance policies or procedures...

Prepare for Disasters Using Emergency Procedures Manual

August 1, 2012    

Emergencies, disasters, accidents, and injuries can occur any time and without warning. Most recently, in June, the president declared parts of Florida a federal disaster area as a result of damage done by Tropical Storm Debby. And this year, areas of West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky...

How to Hire Qualified Employees to Manage Your Tax Credit Site

November 21, 2011    

As the U.S. economy makes a long and slow recovery, there has been an increasing demand for affordable housing across the country. A recent report released by the DePaul University Institute for Housing Studies detailed the state of one Illinois county's rental housing market. It concluded...

How to Ensure Proper Installation of Window A/C Units

August 14, 2011    

Due to record heat waves set in many areas of the country this summer, you may have noticed an increase in the number of residents installing air conditioners in their windows, especially if your site has no central air conditioning. Unfortunately, residents don't always install them...

Avoid Tax Credit Recapture When Permitting Employee-Occupied Units

July 17, 2011    

Many tax credit sites permit a resident manager, superintendent, or similar site-level employee to occupy a unit. This arrangement may raise a red flag to state auditors if the unit is not being used as permitted in the original allocation agreement with the state. Operating in the dark with...

Six Tips for Building a Strong Partnership with Maintenance Staff

December 8, 2009    

Most well-managed tax credit sites have one thing in common: the ability of management and maintenance to work in a cohesive and productive manner. Working as a team requires both parties to understand the site's objectives and how each area's specific functions contribute to its overall...

Follow Three Guidelines When Renting to Live-In Employee

May 31, 2009    

You may be weighing the advantages of having a full-time live-in staff member at your tax credit site. But before you set aside a unit for a member of your management, leasing, or maintenance staff, there are a few guidelines that you must be aware of to stay in compliance.


Tips to Promote Continuous Learning Among Your Staff

May 6, 2009    

There is probably nothing more essential to a tax credit site than having trained, competent staff. Over the past few years, the regulations have changed so quickly, it can be difficult to stay completely up to date. Add to that the burden caused by high turnover—when a staff member quits...

Set Rules for Employee Use of Internet, Email

August 31, 2008    

If you're like most owners and managers of assisted sites, you've brought Internet access into your offices to help you run your site and communicate with HUD, prospects, applicants, and residents. In fact, most of the business your site conducts with HUD probably takes place over the...

Quiz Staff on Applicable Fraction Requirement

June 30, 2008    

It's a good idea to quiz your staff members regularly to assess their familiarity with the low-income tax credit (LIHTC) program. Testing staff members this way can confirm that you're working with a team equipped to tackle important compliance issues and keep the owner's tax credits...

Guide Staff in Dealing with Dangerous Applicants

March 1, 2008    

The manager of a Texas tax credit site reported that a cunning criminal got into the management office by pretending to be a rental applicant. The criminal asked to tour a vacant unit. A female member of the leasing staff, who was on duty alone in the office at the time, had a bad feeling about...

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