How to Verify, Determine Income from Real Estate Investments

September 29, 2023    

We’ll explain how to treat real estate when calculating a household’s income and assets.



The regulations for the tax credit program require site owners to use the rules found in HUD Handbook 4350.3 to calculate the annual income of applicants and...

How to Handle Inconsistencies that Turn Up During Recertification

August 31, 2023    

An income discrepancy could trigger the NAU rule and jeopardize your site’s tax credits.



HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Scoring, Administrative Procedures Notices

July 28, 2023    

We highlight the noteworthy changes and clarifications in both notices.


HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Inspection Standards

June 28, 2023    

Notice marks first comprehensive overhaul of inspection standards in 20 years.


Use Questionnaire to Avoid Misunderstandings About Household Income

May 25, 2023    

When you certify or recertify households for tax credit housing, IRS rules require you to estimate how much income household members expect to receive in the next 12 months. Without this information, you can’t certify or recertify the household’s eligibility.

Perform 8 Compliance Checks on Available Units Before Offering a Lease

April 27, 2023    

Before you rent any unit at your tax credit site to a new household, it’s important to confirm that the rental will comply with the tax credit law. If your rental of a unit won’t comply, the owner’s credits for that unit may be at risk. And if the unit is one you must count to...

Follow 3 Tips to Prepare Your Site for Fair Housing Testers

March 31, 2023    

HUD recently awarded $54 million to 182 fair housing organizations across the country under its Fair Housing Initiatives Program. These grants allow the organizations to provide fair housing enforcement by conducting investigations, testing to identify discrimination in the rental markets, and...

How to Reduce Fire and Injury Risks from Lithium-Ion Batteries

February 23, 2023    

Give residents safety tips for charging and maintaining e-bikes.


HUD Moves to Implement New VAWA Requirements

January 31, 2023    

HUD recently requested public comment on plans to implement the key changes the VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2022 (VAWA 2022) made to the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. Since the 2013 amendments, VAWA has applied to the LIHTC program. However, neither the Treasury Department nor the IRS has...

How to Make Sure Next Available Units Are Technically “Available”

January 2, 2023    

In the LIHTC program, if the income of tenants of a low-income unit in the building increases above the limit allowed, the next available unit (NAU) of comparable or smaller size in the building will be rented to tenants having a qualifying income. This is the NAU rule and it applies whenever a...

Keep Household Information Confidential to Avoid Liability, Protect Residents

November 30, 2022    

From time to time, your site may get phone calls, letters, or other inquiries for information about residents. The request can seem innocent, or it may seem official. And some requests will be. But granting even innocent requests can cause trouble. Sites are responsible for ensuring the privacy...

IRS Publishes Final Average-Income Regulations

October 31, 2022    

The IRS recently published a final rule to implement Congress’s 2018 authorization of a third set-aside option for LIHTC sites. Under the LIHTC program, all tax credit owners must formally notify the IRS of their minimum set-aside election for their building or site when they file IRS Form...