Avoid 7 Pitfalls When Responding to a Fair Housing Complaint

March 29, 2024    

This year marks the 56th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act (FHA), enacted by Congress on April 11, 1968. The FHA has been amended several times and now prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation),...

HUD Updates List of Federally Mandated Income Exclusions

February 26, 2024    

Four new types of income will no longer impact eligibility calculations.



Specific sources of income are excluded by federal statute from consideration as income for purposes of determining eligibility for, or benefits in, a HUD program. By extension, these...

HUD Aims to Revise Income Limit Calculations

January 31, 2024    

Income limit increases will be capped at 10%.



On Jan. 10, HUD published a notice on changes the agency is intending to make to the methodology used for calculating Section 8 income limits. HUD publishes these income limits each year based on changes to each...

Create Disaster Preparedness Plan to Protect Site, Residents

December 21, 2023    

We give you 6 guidelines to follow.



A definite plan to deal with potential disasters at your site is an important element of providing a safe environment for your staff and residents. The U.S. is experiencing more frequent and intense weather- and climate-...

HOTMA Spotlight: Track Annual Inflationary Adjustments and Passbook Rate

November 29, 2023    

Prepare for how these annual changes will affect income, asset, and eligibility determinations.



Low-income housing tax credit law requires site owners to use HUD’s Section 8 rules regarding income calculations. According to Treasury Regulations §1....

5 Tips to Combat Rising Insurance Costs

October 30, 2023    

As Congress considers reforms, sites may need to take action now to limit the financial strain.



As a site owner or manager, you understand the severe financial consequences that can result from things beyond your control, such as a loss due to fire, flood,...

How to Verify, Determine Income from Real Estate Investments

September 29, 2023    

We’ll explain how to treat real estate when calculating a household’s income and assets.



The regulations for the tax credit program require site owners to use the rules found in HUD Handbook 4350.3 to calculate the annual income of applicants and...

How to Handle Inconsistencies that Turn Up During Recertification

August 31, 2023    

An income discrepancy could trigger the NAU rule and jeopardize your site’s tax credits.



HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Scoring, Administrative Procedures Notices

July 28, 2023    

We highlight the noteworthy changes and clarifications in both notices.


HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Inspection Standards

June 28, 2023    

Notice marks first comprehensive overhaul of inspection standards in 20 years.


Use Questionnaire to Avoid Misunderstandings About Household Income

May 25, 2023    

When you certify or recertify households for tax credit housing, IRS rules require you to estimate how much income household members expect to receive in the next 12 months. Without this information, you can’t certify or recertify the household’s eligibility.

Perform 8 Compliance Checks on Available Units Before Offering a Lease

April 27, 2023    

Before you rent any unit at your tax credit site to a new household, it’s important to confirm that the rental will comply with the tax credit law. If your rental of a unit won’t comply, the owner’s credits for that unit may be at risk. And if the unit is one you must count to...