Give LIHTC Program FAQ Sheet to Site Visitors and Applicants

June 20, 2022    

Tax credit site managers often find themselves spending much time and expense processing applications for ineligible households. Hearing about a good deal, casual visitors may submit applications not realizing that they’ll be considered over-income or student households. One way to...

Biden Administration Announces Housing Supply Action Plan

May 27, 2022    

President Biden recently unveiled a sweeping plan that aims to create and preserve hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units in the next three years and help close the country’s critical housing supply shortfall within five years. The plan follows recent remarks by President Biden...

3 Marketing Practices to Help Your Site Expand Its Applicant Pool

April 28, 2022    

LIHTC site owners and managers know that to comply with the vacant unit rule, you must make “reasonable attempts” to rent vacant units to qualified low-income households. The tax credit program’s vacant unit rule allows you to claim credits for tax credit units even if they...

How to Comply with the Latest Housing Provisions in VAWA 2022

March 31, 2022    

On March 16, President Biden signed into law the latest reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a 1994 law that provides resources for survivors and prevention of gender-based, domestic, and sexual violence. VAWA’s renewal took on added urgency because of an alarming...

Treasury Report Finds IRS's LIHTC Program Oversight Can Be Improved

February 25, 2022    

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) recently released a report on IRS oversight of the LIHTC program. The previous Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Michael Enzi (R-WY), requested the audit to obtain information about the LIHTC program as part of the committee...

IRS Brings Back Temporary COVID-19 Compliance Relief

January 31, 2022    

On Jan. 11, the IRS issued guidance extending LIHTC program deadlines and providing other compliance accommodations due to the COVID-19 pandemic [IRS Notice 2022-05]. Since the last extension deadline lapsed, industry groups have asked the IRS to extend compliance deadlines for LIHTC sites. The...

Use Orientation Letter to Improve New Households’ Lease Compliance

December 28, 2021    

The alarming rise of the Omicron variant may have postponed your site’s return to normal operations regarding welcoming and informing new households of site rules and certain obligations imposed by the tax credit program. In pre-pandemic times, sites may have held new household orientation...

Annual Owner Certifications: Understanding the Basics of LIHTC Compliance

November 30, 2021    

Site owners, at least annually, for each year of a site's 15-year compliance period, are required to certify to the state housing agency that the LIHTC site was operated in compliance, for the preceding 12-month period, with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 42 requirements. This annual...

Take 4 Steps When Dealing with a Tenant Hoarder

October 29, 2021    

As the temperature starts dropping across the country, your site may be undertaking increased pest prevention treatments or inspections as pests, particularly rodents, start moving indoors. Unfortunately, some residents are not always diligent about reporting pest issues for reasons such as...

3 Household Changes to Watch for at Annual Recertifications

September 30, 2021    

If you manage a mixed-income site, you’re probably gearing up to kickstart annual recertifications as a result of the expiration of IRS Notice 2021-12. This notice temporarily postponed the income recertification requirement for owners until Sept. 30.

How to Prepare for the Expiration of Temporary COVID-19 Compliance Relief

August 31, 2021    

Pre-pandemic rules go back into effect Oct. 1.


In January, the IRS issued Notice 2021-12, which temporarily postponed a number of compliance deadlines for LIHTC sites. The extension deadline is coming up and owners and managers need to be mindful of how this will affect...

How the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act Compares with the LIHTC Program

July 29, 2021    

Earlier this year, President Biden made headlines as he introduced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, titled “The American Jobs Plan,” to rebuild America’s infrastructure and revitalize the economy. With the federal moratorium on housing eviction ending in July, the majorities...