Dealing with State Housing Agency

Dealing with State Housing Agency

NCSHA Updates Recommended Practices in LIHTC Administration

November 29, 2023    

The prior version was released in 2017.



The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) represents the state-level allocating agencies that administer the LIHTC program. From the early days of the program, NCSHA has maintained “Recommended...

Expect Shorter Advance Notice for Inspections, Compliance Monitoring in 2022

December 28, 2021    

Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code requires state housing agencies to conduct on-site inspections of all buildings by the end of the second calendar year following the year the last building in the project is placed in service. In addition, the code says that an agency must also conduct on-...

IRS Issues Final Rule on Physical Inspections and Compliance Monitoring

March 28, 2019    

On Feb. 26, the IRS issued final regulations for LIHTC compliance monitoring. The regulations replace the temporary compliance monitoring regulations under which state housing agencies have been operating since 2016. The new regulations make several changes to compliance monitoring requirements...

NCSHA Updates Recommended Practices for LIHTC Administration

January 31, 2018    

The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) recently issued the Task Force on Recommended Practices in Housing Credit Administration’s final report, which updates the organization’s guidance on administering the LIHTC. In 2000, NCSHA published its first recommended...

IRS Clarifies Local Approval and Preference Regarding LIHTC Developments

December 21, 2016    

The IRS recently issued guidance on LIHTC developments and their compliance with fair housing rules at the local level. Notice 2016-77 relates to allocations of housing credits to projects located in a qualified census tract. A qualified census tract (QCT) is a geographic area defined by the...

IRS Amends State Agencies' Compliance-Monitoring Requirements

February 26, 2016    

The IRS recently issued final and temporary regulations relating to LIHTC compliance monitoring. The temporary regulations expire Feb. 22, 2019. The amendments revise and clarify the requirement to conduct physical inspections and review low-income certifications and other documentation.

Supreme Court Rules FHA Encompasses Disparate Impact Claims

July 22, 2015    

On June 25, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. that a state’s “Qualified Allocation Plan” (QAP) implemented by an allocating agency violates the Fair Housing Act if it “...

Get Extended Use Restriction Agreement Signed and Recorded to Avoid Losing Tax Credits

January 29, 2015    

Sites awarded low-income housing credits prior to 1990 had a compliance period of 15 years. Beginning in 1990, a change in federal law required an additional 15 years of compliance, which is known as the extended use period. As a result, IRC Section 42(h)(6) establishes that sites that were...

Six Best Ways to Use State Housing Agency Web Sites

October 31, 2013    

As the federal agency that’s responsible for administering the tax credit law, the IRS issues regulations, rulings, and other guidance; audits sites for noncompliance; and decides what penalties to impose for noncompliance. And state housing agencies monitor compliance with the tax credit...

Maine Gives Tax Credit Developers Incentives for Smoke-Free Projects

April 30, 2008    

The state of Maine is giving developers who apply for tax credits incentives to build smoke-free housing projects. The incentives are provided in accordance with the state's qualified allocation plan (QAP) for fiscal year 2008–09.

Qualifying for Additional Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

July 31, 2007    

Q I'm developing an affordable housing site, and I've just received an allocation of tax credits. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to qualify for more tax credits down the road?