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Clarification on Exception to the Student Rule

October 30, 2017    

Q The October issue of the Insider stated that a full-time student household doesn’t violate the student rule if “the household consists of a single parent with a dependent child (or children), and neither the parent nor...

Verifying Full-Time or Part-Time Statuses of International Students

October 30, 2017    

Q How do I verify student status of an international student who attends school full time but receives zero credits? Schools generally confirm student status by the number of credit hours taken, so it is possible that the college may verify a...

Creating Site Environmental Sustainability Plans

July 30, 2015    

Q As the manager of several tax credit sites, I’ve been asked to lead an effort to create an environmental sustainability plan for one of our sites, as a pilot plan for our portfolio of sites. I’ve heard of these plans, but don...

Treating Minors as Dependents

April 30, 2015    

Q When certifying households, must we always treat minors as dependents?

A No. Generally, you must treat household members who are minors (under 18 years old) as dependents. But if...

Commercial Use of Community Room

April 30, 2015    

Q My community room is part of the building’s basis for tax credit calculation purposes, meaning that the owner counts it as part of the property for which the state has awarded tax credits. Residents have asked me to permit a local...

Renting Above Minimum Set-Aside

April 30, 2015    

Q I’m leasing up a brand-new, 80 percent tax credit building—that is, eight of my 10 units must be rented to qualified low-income households. My marketing brought in nine qualified low-income households. If I rent to nine...

Tax Credit Program Eligibility for Disabled Veteran Returning to School

August 26, 2014    

Q: We have a single disabled veteran who moved into one of our 100 percent tax credit units in 2012. This resident holds a HUD-VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) Voucher and at the request of the VA may be returning to school and...

Swapping Unit Status from One Unit to Another

July 31, 2013    

Q At our “100 percent” site, all the units are low-income units rented to households that are either 50 percent or 60 percent below area median income (AMI). Upon recertification it was discovered that a resident who initially...

Documenting Efforts to Rent Vacant Units

March 28, 2013    

Q: One of our tax credit units became vacant early last year. We advertised regularly in the newspaper and on the Internet and posted flyers at local shopping centers. But all the prospective households were ineligible. We’ve...

Counting Children of Joint Custody Arrangements

February 27, 2013    

Q One of our low-income applicants is a divorced mother who has joint custody of her two children. The applicant says that, under the joint custody agreement, her children would live with her in the unit most of the time. If we accept this...

Certifying Applicant with Disabled Son in Intermediate Care Facility

May 28, 2012    

Q According to my state agency's occupancy rules, I'm not allowed to rent a two-bedroom unit to one person. A single applicant has a 40-year-old blind son who lives in an intermediate care facility. The applicant wants the son to stay with her...

Basing Rent on Number of Bedrooms

February 9, 2012    

Q My company is about to manage a new tax credit site. We heard that tax credit managers can choose to base the rent for a low-income unit on either the size of the household that occupies the unit or the number of bedrooms in the unit. Is this true?...

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