Q & A

Q & A

How to Treat Residents' Investment Accounts

October 31, 2009    

Q How should we treat IRAs and annuities if the holder has access to the balance, the account earns interest, and the holder is receiving distributions, such as the IRS Required Minimum Distribution? The HUD Handbook 4350.3 still has conflicting...

Providing Keys to Children Who Are Locked Out

May 6, 2009    

Q I spend quite a lot of time signing out keys when students come home. Some have forgotten their keys, others have left them at school, others say that their parent is usually at home, etc. Is there some type of “latch-key child” form or...

Deducting Wages from SSI Payments

January 1, 2009    

Q An applicant to our site claims that she works and collects SSI. Because of her wages, the SSI payment is reduced. SSI lists the “maximum allowable” payment as $637, but then deducts $249.50 because of her wages, making her net monthly...

Applicant Refuses to Verify Self-Employment Income

November 30, 2008    

Q I am trying to determine the eligibility of an applicant who has been working as a hairstylist since January 2008. She is not self-employed; she is an employee of the hair salon. Her employer completed our third-party verification, but refused to...

Self-Employed Residents Don't File Tax Returns

November 30, 2008    

Q I manage an affordable housing site, and a number of our residents are self-employed as housecleaners and other service personnel who are paid in cash, or as babysitters, dancers, singers, and waiters/waitresses who live on tips. They don't file...

Self-Employed Applicant Doesn't Live with Dependent Wife

November 30, 2008    

Q An applicant for a unit at our site says he's married but does not live with his wife. He is self-employed and provided a copy of his joint tax return to help us determine his income. How do we handle the wife's income? Does it matter that he...

Getting Back Unit Occupied by Ex-Employee

October 31, 2008    

Q As the owner of a tax credit site, I recently terminated the employment of a manager who was living at the site. Even though she has been terminated, she's still living on-site. The unit no longer qualifies for tax credits, because it is being...

Q&A on Reporting Noncompliance

August 31, 2008    

No matter how efficiently you run your tax credit site, your state housing agency may one day cite you for noncompliance with the tax credit law. If that happens, your state housing agency must notify your site's owner of the violation and also report it to the IRS using IRS Form 8823 (Low-...

Retaining Resident's Criminal Record

March 31, 2008    

Q How long should I retain the results of a criminal background check performed on a resident?

A According to Cheryl McMillon, a 25-year veteran of affordable housing management, HUD's general rule...

HUD Funding for Additional Lighting

March 31, 2008    

Q There has been an increase in criminal activity in and around my tax credit site. I want to install additional lighting on my building entrances, courtyards, and other common areas, for security. Will HUD pay for it?

Qualifying for Additional Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

July 31, 2007    

Q I'm developing an affordable housing site, and I've just received an allocation of tax credits. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to qualify for more tax credits down the road?