Dealing with Owners

Dealing with Owners

Inform Owner When It May Need to File Form 8611 to Give Back Tax Credits

October 30, 2014    

Sometimes a site owner must give back tax credits that it claimed in previous years of the credit period. To do this, owners fill out IRS Form 8611: Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit and file it with the tax return. The IRS will then recapture part of the tax credits the owner claimed in...

Ask Eight Questions When Starting to Manage a New Tax Credit Site

December 12, 2013    

When you start managing a tax credit site, you’ll need to get certain information from the owner to manage the site effectively. Getting this information before renting units to qualified low-income households is essential. Without it, you won’t know what’s required to keep...

How to Protect Your Site's Online Name, Reputation

August 30, 2012    

One of the owner’s most valuable business assets is the site's reputation. That's why it's important for you to protect and control the use of your site's name. If you have a Web site, you may use it as an internal communications tool for informing residents of events and...

Five Tips for Better Site Management Reports

September 30, 2009    

Everyone who has financial responsibility for a low-income housing tax credit site understands the importance of keeping owners informed of how well it's performing. That means you need to be able to identify, document, and deliver the critical pieces of information that owners need to make...