Dealing with Households

Dealing with Households

Supreme Court Strikes Down CDC's Residential Eviction Moratorium

August 31, 2021    

On Aug. 3, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a limited eviction moratorium covering renters living in communities experiencing a substantial or high level of COVID-19 transmission. And on Aug. 26, the Supreme Court rejected the moratorium in a challenge brought by a...

Eviction Prevention Efforts Ramp Up, Treasury Updates ERA FAQs

July 29, 2021    

On July 21, the White House hosted a virtual meeting to help cities quickly deliver emergency rental assistance and develop plans to prevent evictions. Since December, Congress has provided to Treasury $46 billion for the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program.

Use Community Room Agreement to Make Residents Responsible for Damage and Injury

June 24, 2021    

A site’s community room is an ideal place for residents to throw parties or hold resident meetings. But your site may have closed its community room during the pandemic to limit social interactions and abide by local health guidelines. In fact, these type of safety precautions were common...

Treasury Updates ERA FAQs as Funds Start Rolling Out

May 27, 2021    

The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently announced that it has distributed $6.1 billion through the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program in less than two weeks since the $21.6 billion was allocated to the program through funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The...

Are Your Residents Eligible for the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit?

March 26, 2021    

High-speed Internet at home has become essential for school, work, and many other areas of life during the pandemic. Some of your households may be struggling to afford an Internet connection. In an April Pew Research survey of American parents with children attending school remotely, 36 percent...

Providing Safe Home Modifications for Residents Aging in Place

October 29, 2020    

With the aging of the U.S. population, you may find that the average age of your residents and applicants seeking units is older. Helping residents to age in place safely is a win-win for both owners and residents. Residents typically want to live independently for as long as possible, and...

How to Prevent Residents from Using Staff to Run Errands

September 30, 2020    

Residents may ask employees to do personal tasks such drop off their dry cleaning or fix a stereo or some other personal equipment. This puts owners in a delicate position because, on one hand, allowing such employee behavior opens you up to liability risks, and on the other hand, barring...

Prepare Enough Evidence When Evicting Resident for Illegal Activity

August 31, 2020    

By signing a lease agreement, a resident agrees to follow the terms of the lease. If the tenant breaks a clause of this contract, an owner must often first send the tenant a “Notice to Quit.” A Notice to Quit is a formal legal document an owner sends a resident in an attempt to fix a...

Get Right to Enter Residents’ Units with Government Inspectors

February 11, 2020    

As part of its compliance monitoring responsibilities, a state housing agency must conduct on-site physical inspections and review low-income certifications and other documentation. The agency must perform these inspections and certification reviews at least once every three years after the...

Take Five Steps to Curb Behavior of Abusive Residents

December 23, 2019    

Have you ever had a resident complain to you about another resident’s harassing or abusive behavior? Maybe the other resident is loudly insulting him or, worse, using racial epithets. You might be tempted to ignore the problem. But your decision could be costly. The resident who’s...

Use Common Area Rules to Protect Site and Reduce Risk of Liability

December 4, 2019    

Your common areas play a major role in your site’s success. They’re the areas that your residents share and prospective renters see first. But your residents may cause problems in your common areas, inadvertently or otherwise. They may leave their garbage out, store personal property...

How to Discourage Electricity Theft, Utilities Tampering by Residents

December 4, 2019    

One way residents may steal electricity is by stealing from the building supply. Residents may tamper with wiring and hook up directly to your building’s metered electricity supply. A resident who does this taps into power that you’re paying for. Another way to steal electricity is...