Dealing with Households

Dealing with Households

Require Absent Resident’s Authorization Before Giving Visitor Access to Unit

September 30, 2014    

Residents frequently need you to let friends, relatives, or workers into their units when they aren’t home. But it’s risky to do that since you could inadvertently be letting a criminal into one of your residents’ units. If something happens to the resident or her property, you...

What Documents to Keep to Protect Site in Legal Disputes

July 30, 2014    

Sites generate a lot of records, such as leasing records, maintenance records, security deposit records, incident reports, and so on. Because these records take up space in leasing or management offices, most staff members want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But these records can help...

How to Rescue Your Right to Enforce Overlooked Lease Violations

March 31, 2014    

It’s hard to enforce all the lease provisions residents must comply with, such as bans on pets and home businesses. At some point, you may overlook a resident’s violation of a lease provision for several months. But if you ignore the violation for too long, you may lose your right to...

How to Respond When Households Withhold Rent over Unit Problems

February 28, 2014    

One of the toughest situations you can face is when a household withholds rent over a claimed problem in a unit. Sometimes the problem is something major, such as no heat or hot water for an extended time. Other times the problem is something minor, such as a broken dishwasher. And still other...

Avoid Premises Liability by Enforcing "No-Pets" Policy

November 26, 2013    

Concerns over property damage and dog bite injuries may lead some owners to ban pets from a site altogether. Yet some residents may keep pets despite the ban. If you find that a resident has a pet, how you address this lease violation can determine whether you’ll be held liable if the pet...

How to Encourage Residents to Reduce Energy and Water Consumption

October 15, 2013    

Many state housing finance agencies are adding energy assessment and conservation measures to their Qualified Allocation Plans (QAPs) that encourage owners and managers to take steps to reduce their site’s energy and water usage and to engage and educate residents in making the site a...

Take Three Steps When Resident Tries to Use Security Deposit to Pay Last Month's Rent

June 27, 2013    

Getting departing residents to pay their final month’s rent can be difficult. Many residents think it’s fine to tell owners to apply their security deposit to their final month’s rent.

How to Get Rid of Household-Installed Appliances

May 31, 2013    

Many units, especially older ones, aren’t set up to handle washing machines, dryers, and other large appliances. But even if your units don’t have hookups or the capacity to handle these appliances, some residents may still bring in portable units and connect them to the electrical...

Set Rule Barring Households, Guests from Building Roofs

April 29, 2013    

As summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise, residents and their guests may be tempted to go up on the roof and sunbathe, barbecue, or just cool off from their hot units. Unfortunately, allowing people on the roofs of your site’s buildings can cause you many problems. For example,...

How to Notify Households of Upcoming Rent Increases

February 27, 2013    

At some point, you’re going to have to notify households that you’re raising their rent. Reasons for raising the rent on a low-income unit can include a utility allowance decrease, an over-income household, a change in your area’s median gross income, or, if the rent is below...

Follow Four Tips to Minimize Winter Slip-and-Fall Liability

November 27, 2012    


At the beginning of every winter season, many site managers begin to worry about the possibility of being hit with slip-and-fall lawsuits filed by residents or guests. Although it’s inevitable that accidents will occur, the management can try to make the site as safe as...