Dealing with Households

Dealing with Households

Providing Keys to Children Who Are Locked Out

May 6, 2009    

Q I spend quite a lot of time signing out keys when students come home. Some have forgotten their keys, others have left them at school, others say that their parent is usually at home, etc. Is there some type of “latch-key child” form or...

If Unauthorized Pet Discovered, Collect Fee, Deposit

October 1, 2008    

Like many owners or managers of tax credit sites, you probably let residents keep a pet, as long they obtain your prior approval and sign an agreement about the pet. But what should you do when you discover that a resident is keeping an unauthorized pet? You may not want to evict the resident or...

Granting Requests for Reasonable Accommodations, Modifications

May 31, 2008    

As a site owner or manager, you are required by federal Fair Housing law to do what is reasonable in granting requests for accommodations or modifications, so that a visually impaired applicant might consider residing at your site. Furthermore, you are under a legal obligation to ensure that a...

Providing Reasonable Accommodations for the Visually Impaired

April 30, 2008    

Federal Fair Housing law makes it illegal to discriminate against prospects and residents with disabilities. This includes persons who are blind or who suffer from some other visual impairment, ranging from significant to total vision loss.