Be Proactive to Prevent Bedbugs

April 11, 2010    

“Don't let the bedbugs bite!” Most of us recognize that line from a popular nursery rhyme. It also may be a reason why many people used to believe that bedbugs were a myth. In fact, the public's resistance to believing that bedbugs are real has been one of the major hurdles...

Take Steps Early to Deal with Hoarding

January 12, 2010    

In a recent television program, a 65-year-old woman living on her own became sick and collapsed in her home. When rescue workers arrived, they found her in the kitchen wedged among mountains of clutter, trash, and human feces. She had to be removed through the window. The show, called ...

Deadline Approaches for Lead-Safe Work Practices, Training, and Certification

January 12, 2010    

The deadline is approaching for site and maintenance staff of pre-1978 housing to be trained and certified in lead-safe work practices. After April 22, 2010, sites that conduct repair work that disturbs paint in housing built before 1978 must ensure that the work is performed by certified...

Six Tips for Building a Strong Partnership with Maintenance Staff

December 8, 2009    

Most well-managed tax credit sites have one thing in common: the ability of management and maintenance to work in a cohesive and productive manner. Working as a team requires both parties to understand the site's objectives and how each area's specific functions contribute to its overall...

Energy-Efficient Improvements Cut Costs, Boost Revenues

July 4, 2009    

Tax credit sites have been hit hard by the financial crisis. In the past few years, rents in many areas have been held down to levels that have made it difficult for owners and managers to adequately operate their sites, much less generate additional revenue.

Unfortunately, it's not a...