Hold Orientation Meetings to Help New Households Start Out Right

February 3, 2011    

When new tax credit households move into your site, you can help them to start out on the right foot by ensuring that they have a clear understanding of their obligations for adhering to lease provisions and the house rules for your site. The orientation meeting sets the tone for the...

Stay on Top of Student Status to Avoid Tax Credit Loss

January 12, 2011    

The slow economic recovery and high unemployment rates have created a surge in full-time enrollment among vocational schools and community colleges across the United States, according to research from the American Association of Community Colleges and the National Center for Education Statistics...

Take Steps to Halt Drug-Related Activity at Your Site

December 17, 2010    

Drug-related and criminal activity has long been associated with low-income housing in the public mind. While drug dealing also takes place in conventional housing sites, most drug dealers and gangs target low-income developments to push their drugs to an already fragile population, say crime...

How to Develop a Site Management Plan

October 23, 2010    

Every tax credit site has a host of criteria for leasing, compliance, and dealing with households. Without a formal plan that spells out how to apply the appropriate policies and procedures in a given situation, the staff often is left to their own devices. This can lead to uninformed and...

Settle Disputes Between Residents Before They Escalate

September 27, 2010    

Residents of multiunit housing sites can find that loving thy neighbor isn't always that easy. Every site owner or manager has had to deal with residents’ complaints about their neighbors at some point. Loud music, unruly kids, noisy pets, cooking odors—no matter what the issue,...

Four Key Questions About Section 504 Requirements

July 18, 2010    

Tax credit owners are getting better at complying with the Fair Housing Act's accessibility guidelines in their newly constructed housing projects. However, many who receive federal funding still fail to ensure that they have the appropriate percentage of accessible units to meet the Uniform...

How to Build Community Support for Your Tax Credit Site

May 31, 2010    

Many low-income housing projects have had to deal with community opposition to their site—also known as NIMBYism (“not in my backyard”). It has been a longtime battle for affordable housing proponents, but the current economic crisis may provide the needed leverage for tax...

Seven Tips for Dealing with Clutter in Common Areas

April 11, 2010    

In warmer weather, many residents find it hard to resist the temptation to use their fire escapes for recreation, often filling them with grills, chairs, plants, and the like. But for most sites, dealing with clutter or debris that obscures common areas is an ongoing, rather than seasonal,...

Adopt Comprehensive Pet Policy to Address Owner's, Residents' Concerns

March 10, 2010    

Becoming a pet-friendly site can be a great way to increase your pool of prospective residents and keep them longer once you find them. Responsible pet owners generally are also responsible tenants, and they appreciate sites that welcome Fido and Fluffy. In fact, research by FIREPAW, the...

How to Use Social Media to Create Awareness and Build Relations

March 10, 2010    

Social networking is growing at an exponential rate. According to a report by technology and market research firm Forrester Research, 55.6 million U.S. adults visited social networking sites in 2009, double the number of users reported in 2007.

Establishing Green Management Practices at Existing Sites

February 2, 2010    

There is a growing consciousness among low-income housing developers, site owners, and managers of the health, environmental, and cost advantages associated with green building practices. Owners and developers are increasingly employing green strategies to ensure that newly constructed and...

Seven Common Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for REAC Inspection

January 12, 2010    

Chipping and peeling paint on a building's exterior. Loose wood siding. Exposed wiring. Rusted steps and railings. These were just some of the problems uncovered during the Real Estate Assessment Center's (REAC) inspection of a 77-unit Section 8 project. And after receiving low scores on...