Income Calculations

Income Calculations

HUD Handbook and LIHTC: Discrepancies Reveal Imperfect Fit

May 6, 2009    

When determining an applicant's eligibility, tax credit managers often can be thrown by HUD Section 8 regulations for income and asset identification that seem to conflict with certain provisions in the tax credit regulations. Jo Ikelheimer, research & development consultant and...

Counting an Item as Income or an Asset

February 1, 2009    

If you own or manage a tax credit site, there may have been times when you had trouble deciding whether to count an investment or retirement account as income or an asset. That's probably because of the inconsistencies that appear in HUD's Occupancy Handbook 4350.3, REV-1, CHG-2,...

Calculating Annual Income Based on Year-to-Date Income

February 1, 2008    

The recently issued Change 2 to HUD Handbook 4350.3 does not address how you, as an owner or manager, calculate annual income by using year-to-date (YTD) income.