Dos & Don'ts

Dos & Don'ts

Dos & Don'ts for Taking Resident to Small Claims Court

July 31, 2009    

Most site managers have had to handle disputes on occasion with residents or former residents over past-due rents or damaged property. If the money damages that you're seeking are relatively small, typically less than $5,000 (although the amount varies by state), and your preference is for a...

Offer Common Area Services without Risking Tax Credits

March 8, 2009    

Offering dynamic community programs at your tax credit site can help to create a positive identity for your property that will attract more prospective applicants and boost resident retention. And the idea of collecting extra fees from program providers or residents to offset your operating...

Displaying Decorations in Common Areas

March 8, 2009    

If your residents have ever argued over putting a Christmas display in a common area, be prepared to avoid acrimony over Easter decorations, such as palms for Palm Sunday or other Christian symbols.

Overcome Prospects' Objections to Lack of Storage Space

October 31, 2008    

One of the things prospects focus on when looking at a unit is how much storage space it has, says management expert Doug Chasick. Having ample storage space can mean the difference between a clutter-free unit that's comfortable to live in, and a cluttered one that's uncomfortable....