Test Your Site's Energy Efficiency

Test Your Site's Energy Efficiency

HUD has updated its form HUD-9614, which property owners and managers can use to assess whether they need to focus on energy-efficiency improvements. The results of these assessment checklists are used by HUD in its biannual reporting requirements to Congress as required by Section 154 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The Insider has excerpted some of the questions, which you can use to conduct an interim assessment of your site.

Sample Questions from HUD Multifamily Energy Assessment

Building Structure:

  • Are frames and opening caulked?
  • Are holes in the structure patched?
  • Is weather-stripping used for doors and windows?
  • Have air conditioners been removed in the winter?
  • Are automatic door closing mechanisms operable?
  • Do doors fit tightly to the frame when closed?


  • Is heating and cooling equipment inspected for worn or damaged parts?
  • Is heating and cooling equipment lubricated?
  • Do air vents on radiators operate properly?
  • Are central boiler and furnace controls calibrated and adjusted?
  • Is the fireside of the boiler or furnace clean and free of debris?
  • Is fuel oil preheated?
  • Is the ductwork of the central heating distribution system checked periodically for leaks?
  • Are air vents and steam traps checked and, if necessary, repaired?
  • Are heating elements, controls, and fans on electric distribution systems checked?
  • Are cooling systems turned off in unoccupied common areas?
  • Are over-lit areas de-lamped?
  • Are energy-efficient lamps kept in stock for replacement?
  • Are timers on exterior lighting checked?
  • Are water leaks checked and/or repaired?
  • Are Energy Star products used to conserve energy and reduce operating costs?
  • Are households provided information on energy conservation?