Congressman Urges Property Owner to Renew Project-Based Contract

Congressman Urges Property Owner to Renew Project-Based Contract

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel called on Baruch Singer, landlord of Harlem-based Gloria Harding Apartments since 2006, to renew the project-based Section 8 contract he has for the 113-unit building complex.

Over the past year, Rangel has worked with residents and reached out to Singer to encourage him to explore various options with HUD, including the “mark-to-market” program. The congressman has also been working with a local nonprofit group, West Harlem Group Assistance, to explore the purchase of the buildings from Singer.

Last year, Rangel announced the preservation of several other project-based Section 8 sites, which resulted from months of work between a coalition of groups as well as local government efforts.

Unless Singer changes his decision to opt out of the contract, all unoccupied units at the housing site will revert to market-rate apartments. Those who are currently living in these buildings will be eligible to have their rents subsidized through enhanced Section 8 vouchers. With the vouchers, residents will be able to stay where they are or move to another building that accepts Section 8.