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Around the States

California Law to Fine, Imprison Residents Who Defraud the PHA

As of January 1, a new California law states that anyone who defrauds a housing program of a public housing authority of $400 or more is guilty of grand theft and is subject to imprisonment for up to one year (California Penal Code Section 487i). The law notes that residents of public housing defraud the Housing Authority whenever they intentionally misrepresent their family composition or family income and warns residents that they must report changes in household income and composition.

Residents also must obtain written approval from the HACLA in order to allow additional persons to reside in public housing or Section 8 units. “If you are found in violation of the rules, you can face jail time,” warns the HACLA.

NYC Section 8 Voucher Holders Can Now Rent a NYCHA Apartment

For the first time, holders of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)-issued Section 8 vouchers have an opportunity to rent an apartment in one of NYCHA’s 21 city-and-state-built developments. Interested Section 8 voucher holders will be able to register their interest in an apartment on the NYCHA website. The rental apartments will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

NYCHA also reserves Section 8 vouchers for emergency applicants who are referred by the city’s Administration for Children’s Services or those who are classified as intimidated witnesses or victims of domestic violence.