Coalition to Support Broadband Adoption at Low-Income Sites

April 5, 2010
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Building on the momentum of the National Broadband Plan delivered to Congress by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and its call for public-private partnerships to improve broadband adoption, a broad group of Internet service providers, computer technology companies, and nonprofits are collaborating to help bring broadband services to low-income homes throughout the U.S. Called the Digital Adoption Coalition, this group includes well-known companies, including AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, and US Telecom, among others.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 35 percent of American households do not have broadband at home, and low adoption rates are primarily found in low-income communities. “Collectively, this coalition brings a breadth of resources that can have a significant impact on empowering low-income residents through the power of 21st century technology,” said Moustasfa Mourad, interim president, One Economy Corporation, one of the coalition members.

To improve broadband access, the coalition will work with HUD to increase broadband outreach efforts in public housing, Section 8 properties, and multifamily assisted communities. This will include digital literacy training, discount computers, and project administration.